We pray for the family and friends of Sir David Amess. His murder is such a difficult event to handle especially at this point in time, where many of us are struggling mentally, physically and emotionally.

As a nation we mourn with the family of Sir David Amess. 

May the family have closure and all the support needed to make peace with what happened. 

I stand by you, 



Picture: (Observatoirepharos.com, 2016)


Disabled people have had so many challenges to overcome in the western world sadly, the identification and acceptance of the differences created by the nature of disabilities have not been evenly integrated world wide. 


For instance, in Benin for example, mental illnesses are either cured by god’s graces (www.youtube.com, n.d.The Chains of Mental Illness in West Africa) or the other solution is to isolate disabled people in areas where they can be tortured. Commonly, being attached to a tree with little to no comfort is seen as conveniently appropriate. 


Also, the belief that demonic entities play a part in the development of illnesses does very little to improve the manner in which disabled people get their diagnosis and treatments. 


Tortures, abuse and neglect are all too common. For example, the lack of education as well as the practice of religious crafts keep Tanzanians in a spiral of crimes against Albinos in which “Witch doctors hunt those suffering from the condition for their body parts, which are used in potions to bring good luck and wealth. Victims can be kidnapped and then dismembered by hired killers, or even sold by unscrupulous family members, with body parts fetching up to $75,000 (£60,000). “(Velton, 2017)


We need to make sure that awareness is raised and STOP the abuse of Albinos and any disabled person for that matter.  

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                                                             Reference 1.


Trust the universe, spirit spoke to me, we need to wake up, we are special people who have a special mission on earth, rainbows and unicorns are real, I can save your child from disability against money, we live in a lower dimension but we can reach a higher frequency, sing kumbaya to be in tune with the universe, love is all you need, I can read your ovaries, you can put a rainbow in a pound, love freely without attachment, we are here for the experience and love each other, Love is the answer to all issues, the lord can cure me from HIV, it is my fault if I am in pain, ADD and ADHD do not exist, there are lizards people living amongst us, Men are like the Lions in the Savanah and need more than one female to be happy, Women was made by god to please Men, Women must have as many children as nature can give her, Women are weak and easily tempted by the devil, depression are for those who need attention, you do not need material wealth to be happy, your past lives can be typed in, you do not need much sleep or water or food, sex is an expression of love which you must share with everyone, we can stop the rain with our thoughts, I know better than you because I transcended enlightment, Love will find you when you least expect it, I am here to guide you or else, you do not need therapy serviced by a psychologist, you do not need medication, indigo children are supreme beings sent by god to save us, the reincarnations of Buddha or Christ are here to guide us, I love you my brothers and sisters, we have a specially energy cleaning therapy that will change your life, I can speak with your recently passed away loved one, dance for 4 hours to be in tune with your higher self, I was abducted by aliens, I ate at Christ and Buddha and Mohamed table… bla bla bla 


                                                              Reference 2. 

Be careful with the people who claim that they are enlightened and empaths. The “I know it all” individuals who try to sell you happiness, healing and good fortune are not to be trusted.

The same goes for tarot readers who do not know the future or what is going on in someone else’s life. I enjoy reading tarots myself as a game-like activity BUT I do not believe in the intervention of external spirits or that the universe can speak through a person. 

And, it looks like that many people love to market themselves as higher beings with superheroes attributes. As if we are living in a comic book dimension!!! 

This is not a light warning to say that there are many charlatans and conmen/ women who are creating cults to harm you. It is so easy to embrace all sorts of spiritual concepts especially when you are vulnerable. 

It may be hard to accept that vulnerability can manifest itself when you are going through a harsh time such as the loss of a job, the death of a friend, a separation from a partner or if you have been diagnosed with a disease etc…
Indeed, we are all susceptible to being at the mercy of silly things at some point in our lives. It is normal!
Albeit, some of us are born vulnerable due to disabilities. Even so it is not ok to elaborate plans to confuse, enslave and abuse those who actually need extra-support. 

Narcism, desperation and/or manipulation are some of the traits displayed by people who are on the look for any opportunity to fill their need for admiration and empty pockets with money. 

In truth your pain is a commodity to be exploited. 

We all need to have a sense of belonging because we are social creatures but it comes with huge disadvantages. That is to say, we can be conned!

Stay safe!!! 


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It was a lovely sunny day and we were all looking forward seeing each other again after more than a year of lockdown. 

We laughed, ate, talk to each other and gather as a collective but most importantly as human beings.

The goodbyes were somehow emotional. Hope to see you again fairly soon.







Historically,  disabled people were found to be considered an integral part of their world. 

For instance, the short lived Pharaoh Tutankhamun, died at age 18 and was found to be the product of inbreeding practices. Although he had a “clubfoot”, his physical disability did not raise much concern amongst his people as he had not been dismissed to rule Egypt nonetheless. (Than, 2010)


Tutankhamun has also been mummified and buried with a huge amount of objects that includes his sarcophage and famous mortuary mask which is a beautiful piece of art.  

Another well known head of state namely the Roman Emperor Claudius , was mocked for his disability by his family members. Some historians believe that he ” may have suffered from cerebral palsy or Tourette’s syndrome”(Andrews, 2014) Despite some of his ability lessen, Claudius was an intelligent and keen historical learner.

In addition he “visited Britain during the invasion and remained for 16 days”, this was part of an annexation process that allowed the Roman Empire to expand.  (Andrews, 2014) 

Kings and queens of England were also suffering from disabilities. Indeed, Henry VIII had a terrible accident that made him physically and subsequently mentally ill. The then King of England suffered until his last breath with a smelly wounded leg. From that point on, he became a violent obese and rather unpleasant man, husband and king. (The jousting accident that turned Henry VIII into a tyrant, 2009)

After Henry VIII’s death, things changed for the better, although at a slow pace, for the mentally ills in England with “the appointment of the Bethlem’s first medical ‘keeper’ in 1619 “. (

Historicengland.org.uk , 2019)

The goal was to take care of those unable to look after themselves although life was” harsh and brutal”. (Historicengland.org.uk , 2019) 


Then, by the time Georges VI, who had a speech impairment,  arrived on the throne in “1900, more than 100,000 ‘idiots and lunatics’ were in 120 county pauper asylums. A further 10,000 were in workhouses.” 

(Historicengland.org.uk , 2019) 

Fast forward to after the second world war; the world discovered that the disabled community suffered greatly as a consequence to the Nazis’ determination to eliminate as many disabled people as possible. 

The horror of the unproven Nazis “Eugenics” theory which promoted the elimination of the disabled. 

(Historicengland.org.uk , 2019)

This left the disabled community with a death toll of approximately “275,000 disabled people killed by the Nazis.” 

(Bbc.co.uk  , 2014)


Since, many improvements were made through science. Disabled people are not hidden away and there are positive and inspirational stories about the strength of disabled around the world. This includes the political career of Joe Biden who recently became  president of the United States of America. Joe Biden had to learn to be confident and effective whilst managing a speech impairment (Newsweek, 2020). 

Richard Branson who is dyslexic (Egan, 2015)  has proven to be an excellent business man. 

The singer, writer and music producer Pharrell Williams (taylorjbeans, 2014) was born with Synaesthesia which he used as his advantage through music. The same goes for Lady Gaga who has shared her thoughts about her struggle with depression. (Knight, 2020)


Furthermore but not the least, we must acknowledge all the Paralympic professional athletes who are proof that a disability is not a death penalty and should not be the source of shameful or harsh reaction from others.

However, many issues to be solved remain around disability and mental health, albeit the positive impact of disabled people in today’s society. This includes accessing adequate health care and lessening the percentage of incarceration experiences within the disabled population. 

Thanks for reading, 




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