IVisible would like to congratulate Kafui and Etornam for their wedding. 

The groom and the bride were very fortunate to have a warm weather on the day they said yes to each other. 

 Also, they shown courage and resilience in an uncertain and difficult circumstance. Indeed, they did manage to organise and provide to themselves a wonderful ceremony despite the Covid-19 restrictions. 

The Psalm 21 – 7, delivers an accurate picture of the strengths that Etornam and Kafui portrayed diligently through out the process of getting married. “The king trusts in the lord almighty; and because of the lord constant love he will always be secure.” 

Thus, it is with great admiration and love that we wish them a successful connubial. 

Additional message of love : Psalm 26-11, 66- 5 & 6 

Big hugs from Frederique