Picture : Artist – Khacem Louis Dit Sully 

Well, let’s be honest, women have to go through this stage and we must talk about it as early as possible to make sure that they gather enough information before entering the perimenopause stage. 

I tried to speak about it to some of my female friends and family and from my understanding menopause is easy to manage with good medical and dietary support. 

Although, all the females I spoke with expressed their feelings in various ways such as one insisting on the idea that it is so hard to live with. Another one, who is mush older detailed how her sex life did suffer during her menopausing which made the relationship with her partner not formidable. 
A third woman said that the hot flushes were excruciatingly annoying due to their unpredictability. Some women took hormonal treatments which helped and made their lives easier.


However, for those who opted for a natural alternative it was hard and regretted making that choice.
Also, they all mentioned the importance of having a healthy diet combined with a daily exercising program in order to keep the bloating gain weight in check. 
Those conversations gave me a sense of ownership and a feeling of hope because I know that others I have been through it all successfully before me.  

This is why I want to keep talking! 


Menopause lasts a few years and we women should concentrate on our health and well being during this natural stage. 
Finally, would it be great if we could openly talk about menopause to inform younger people (male and female) about its effects ? Why? because it might convey the message that women need more empathy coming from men during the menopause. 

In return, women will be willing to ask and accept a well needed support system made from their doctors (GPs), partner, male friends and/or family members to find suitable solutions in order to create a happier and healthier environment for all involved. 

Let me know if it resonates with you,