How will we set it up?



So far, some interviews have already been conducted, which is a total of 6 people but we hope this will be elevated with the success of the show. Many interviewees felt very happy to receive voucher payment to voice their opinions and they were willing to put more effort into the planning stage as a consequence. It feels important to pay contributors a donation to show that we value their time and their story.

People will be able to take part in interviews from home, to keep them safe and comfortable. We want to show a diversity of experiences so people can be interviewed anonymously if they prefer. We will also signpost interviewees to possible support in case they want to discuss any wellbeing or stress after discussing their experiences. In offering this support, it creates more of a community and more comfort in taking the podcast. Especially with those involved in the podcast having experience with the same issue being discussed with the interviewees, this adds a level of understanding and correct approach to be taken.

We have set out to interview 18 people sharing their stories and including this in a separate page for ‘episodes’ as is the layout on the majority of podcast websites creating easier accessibility.