If you are a DC comics fan, the below is for you!

We were all sad to hear that Zack Snyder was not able to deliver his version of The Justice League in 2017 due to personal reasons. But, I did enjoy the 2017 version, although I must admit that it was not the best. Well, to be honest, I am alway happy to watch Henry Cavill, Gal Cadot and the rest of the cast on big screen. 

By the way, Henry Cavill, if you read this blog, please know that you are gorgeous and that I am a fan of yours!!!?

As a Batman aficionada, I have seen many (I think all) of the latest animes and movies related to my favourite character. 

So, I cannot wait for the new version of The Justice league to be released. Albeit, I am so disappointed by Zack Snyder’s decision to release it on HBO max only. I do not know when it will be available for those who are living in the UK. 

However, I know that a month after the release of Wonder Woman 1984 (Dec 2020) on HBO max, it was available to rent (only) on Youtube for £15. This is a little expensive but it is cheaper than going to a theater because you can watch it at least twice during your rental period !!!

Having said all that, I am so excited by the news and I will post a review of the movie as soon as I can. 

Stay tune!

With Luv, 


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