Facts about a cruel and horrible health care system, based on  LIVE: E-petition relating to Black maternal healthcare and mortality – discussed on 19th April 2021 – (www.youtube.com, n.d.) : 

– Black women are 4 times more likely to die, during pregnancy, when giving birth and post child labour in the UK. Also, figures show that Asian women face a twofold risk of dying whereas, women of mixed heritage are 3 times more likely to die in comparison to white women.

– Black babies are 50 times more likely to be still born 

– Black women are not taking seriously when voicing their opinions about pain 

– Black women do not trust the NHS because of the level of racism and disparity faced when interacting with the UK health care system 

– Black women face to pay a £7000 maternity plan which they cannot afford 

– Black women do not have superpowers and do feel pain as much as any other person 

– Black women face more poverty because they are paid less compared to their white counterpart 

– Black women have access to unsecured and low paid employment such as frontline health care agents which makes them more at risks health wise

– 56% of BAME pregnant women were hospitalised during the first months of the pandemic 

– Black women are 8 times more likely to be hospitalised due to covid-19 and Asian women 4 times more likely compared to white women 

– Skin colour determine the quality of care and the respect received by NHS patients 

– More funding is urgently needed to tackle racial disparity 

– The NHS needs to actively listen to black women to address the issue 

– Black women are overwhelmingly more likely to be overweight, to live in deprived area, to face domestic abuse and to have mental health issues

– Black women face stereotypes such as being labelled as difficult and angry when voicing their opinions  (RISE, n.d.)


Proposed solutions

– Having access to the same midwife throughout the pregnancy 

– Develop a practical plan based on research and data collection to understand where, what and who is the problem 

– Bring experts together to discuss the evidences to decrease the high mortality rate among BAME’s living in deprived areas 

– Take actions with an understanding focus to create long lasting changes 



I am horrified, I am a black woman, I have to live with this reality!!!

It is shameful and cruel to be treated so poorly.

There are no excuses to be marginalised and to live in such a hostile environment. This shows that what the government called disparity, is actually the realisation that black women are not taken seriously, are harassed, humiliated physically, mentally, emotionally and financially in the UK. 





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