I was not sure about how to approach the subject but I found that black women are the most resilient human beings. 

We are laughed at by black men portrayed as uneducated and vain , we have to deal with domestic, economic, emotional and psychological violence from everyone else, we have to be carers for our children, we have to be good employees (good meaning working three times harder than others for a longer period of time)  or entrepreneurs and all that with a smile on our face or so you think !!!

This is my answer to your expectations black men, white men, white women : NO !!!!

I am a human being like yourself, would you like to be in my position? If not, why do you pretend to show empathy with your : you are stronger than you think, or you are so powerful !!!…I am not strong and actually I tired to be your doormat. 

Although, I have to be polite on the website I would like to express my deep exasperation regarding your constant humiliation, disrespect and aggression. 

Frederique ?