!Visible’s Objective


Frederique has been developing this project, doing community research, making connections, accessing training and conducting interviews for nearly 2 years. This podcast will increase awareness about mental health issues with a laser focus on anxiety and depression. Many people who did not previously experience anxiety and depression have had to realise that everyone can be affected to it this year. Many disabled people had suffered even more due to the pandemic with a lack of employment opportunities and carers.

There is a stigma surrounding disabled people which interferes in their day to day lives and reflecting on this and the way in which it affects them raises awareness on this topic. Especially during this pandemic it is interesting to reflect on those suffering from mental health issues and how they deal with these problems giving insight into different coping mechanisms.  

In the creation of a podcast, it is a platform for people to offer advice and have an open discussion on their own issues. By speaking about this, it creates a community amongst this podcast and for viewers suffering from mental health issues, it will make them feel less alone.