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When we think about WIFI access and IT, it is so easy to picture yourself on a phone or a tablet surfing on the internet whilst enjoying your favourite music. 

But what we take for granted may not necessarily be accessible for others. Indeed, “An estimated 9% of families in the UK do not have a laptop, desktop or tablet at home.” (Vibert, 2020)

In areas that are dominated by low income households this percentage is much higher. This is why the pandemic has exacerbated the difference between children who have access to IT materials and those who are struggling to be IT literate. “FAST” is a youth charity in such an area who in partnership with school were able to highlight the issue their local families face.  (Fast London, n.d.)

As a result an initiative was introduced to bridge this gap by providing laptops to families in these areas and  in the borough at large. And, Fast hopes that they can contribute to helping even more in the near future. 

By advocating for those who need the most FAST Made a difference within its community. 

I found the story uplifting because breaking barriers regarding the lack of IT access is a sign of innovative entrepreneurship. But most importantly, it sends a message of hope in times of hardship.

For more information, I encourage you to listen to the below podcast episode which features FAST’s CEO Kafui Brésé speaking “on BBC London radio about how the Power to Connect addresses the major issue of digital poverty”. (soundcloud.com.n.d)

FAST speaking on Power to Connect initiative by Fast London (soundcloud.com)

You can access their website and donate here : Home | Fast London

They are also available and very active on Linkedin, Facebook and twitter at 

FAST London: About | LinkedIn; (9) FAST-London | Facebook ; FAST London (@FastLondon1) / Twitter

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