They finally caught him!

A father who killed his two daughters Amina and Sarah Yasser by shooting in 2008 has been sent to jail. (, n.d.) 


I will not talk about the reasons why this Egyptian-American father decided to kill his two daughters because it will, to me, be another blog post dedicated to a killer and not the victims. 


What is the crime?


“Honour-based violence (HBV) is a phenomenon where a person (most often a woman) is subjected to violence by her collective family or community in order to restore ‘honour’, presumed to have been lost by her behaviour, most often through expressions of sexual autonomy.” (Anon, n.d.)


Also,” While HBV is mostly associated with the Middle East and South Asia it has also been recorded in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. There may be many other countries where such crimes occur but where it has not yet been identified or quantified.” (Anon, n.d.)


To me it seems that it is another form of domestic abuse that enables men to dominate and exploit women in a way that is solely beneficial to men. 


Furthermore, HBV-awareness adds that it is women who have to conform to forced marriages, physical, sexual and emotional violence, neglect, lack of representative rights in the household and in their community to make sure that they are obedient.    



Women and girls should not be living as ghosts in shells. Women and girls should not live in fear with no support from uneducated men who, as Amina and Sarah’s father do not value female’s point of views, lives, dreams and hopes. 


Women And girls deserve to be part of a fair society that celebrates and cherish them. 


In Amina and Sarah’s loving memories, 


You will not be forgotten, 




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