Today, I want to talk about my experience of living with depression. I have been off Linkedin and blogging for about a month or so, because I felt overwhelmed by the amount of work and pressure that came with studying whilst volunteering and researching. 

I needed a break and I am still slowly recharging. Indeed, I thought that by being busy with various activities that sparked my interest I would be able to cope better with the lockdown and the pandemic. 
Fortunately, it was a good strategy for me because I learnt, connected and kept socialising via Zoom and other platforms successfully. I felt very good and happy about myself although I did not pay attention to my other needs. 
These needs ranged from relaxing by spending hours colouring a mermaid in purple or a butterfly in green or watching Clint Eastwood impersonating “Dirty Harry, the dirtiest bast..d”…!


or simply looking at my windows hoping to see a seagull family raising their twins on my neighbour’s roof. 

It is nice to slow down, it is nice to just be myself without any expectations so I decided to keep it that way because I need more of it.
Does that sound familiar to you? I want to know more about you and how you deal with your disability, feel free to comment. 
Speak soon,