What can I say about the new JBalvin’ s video clip which you can view here: 
Although the video clip was done by professionals and with talented audio and video editors, I thought that it was cheap and not innovative at all. 
Do not get me wrong, it is not a criticism against the artist JBalvin as an individual but more of a constructive remark from me.  
This is the reasons why I feel that the video as well as the lyrics are poorly produced: 
1. The artist Snoop Dogg had already sold us the Pimp culture which displayed women as their ready-to-copulate animals/objects 


2. Aidonia has very colourful videos telling us how women must be a great performer in bed. And they must be ready to have sex anywhere, anytime


3. Baby Cham told us which position women prefer


4. Popcaan informed us that women only think about men 


5. Finally, I-Wayne begged for mercy because women are supposidly promiscuous and materialistic


Of course I could carry on listing for days. 
The lack of talent is not to be questioned here and each of those artists’ pedigree can be discussed in another post. However what is important to point out is that misogyny and overly sexualised contents have been a constant in the music industry for decades.


Black artists have been particularly engaging and creative when it came to keeping the stake as high as possible in terms of porn incorporation in their lyrics and subsequent videos. 


I grew up listening to some of them without realising what type of messages were sent my way. Also, these Black male that we (the black community) call artists have a tendency to prefer light skin/ fair/white girls over the rest.

What fascinates me is the obvious lack of empathy and respect that these artists show to black women, this includes their own mothers. How do they reconcile their obsession with vagina and the fact that they come from one?! 

Listen to la bomba estéreo instead


Just a thought and thanks for reading,