Liberal Judaism Biennial 2021 started with deep and meaningful questions such as
– What is inclusivity? what it means for you and how does that take form tangibly? 
– How does your faith bring you to the closest manifestation of what god wants you to do and be? 
– How to be inclusive with boundaries and respect for both you and others?
– How to open lines of communication with other communities?
– How  can you build religious duties / what are the community responsibilities in terms of marriage or funerals ?
– On what level collaboration can be effective and dynamically positive ?
– What does it mean to be Jewish today? 
-What women in leadership bring into the inclusivity conversation? help voicing women’s opinions so that they can stand as a strong pillar of the community to change the narrative in order to improve inclusivity. 
and many more…
I enjoyed it because it gave me food for thought. Thus, I recommend you to watch the entire event :
 And reach out to your community in order to create fruitful conversations for self-expression, spiritual as well as intellectual growth. 
Finally, it was well organised and accessible to all. 



With Luv 
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