During her interview with James O’Brien, Mina Smallman had shown how a mother who tragically lost her two daughters could stand firm in the mist of such horrible and discriminatory event. Mrs Smallman had to face an undignifying truth, that is to say police authorities were unreliable and lacked empathy in the death case of Nicole Henry and Bibaa Smallman. 


Fortunately, the two policemen who were joking and nonchalantly recording themselves around Mrs Smallman’s dead children have been convicted for their crimes. It is as if these two are necrophile, racist and misogynistic!   


No one can actually comprehend how a mother can still be able to advocate for the voices of her murdered daughters whilst being subjected to the belittling and ,honestly, stupid behaviour of those scumbags policemen. 



My support goes to Mrs Smallman. Indeed, despite the relief of seeing 3 males being sent to prison for their violent acts and their lack of humanity, Mrs Smallman will never be able to bring Nicole and Bibaa back. 


Finally, thanks to James O’Brien who had deep respect and love for Mrs Smallman throughout the interview. This is to me what being human is all about – we respect each other! 


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