I often wonder how the world would be if women could be more respected. The profound disrespect and belittling of females can be traced to the Greek society that birthed the Mythology. 

This is how many devious characters such as Venus who hated a young girl named Psyche because of her beauty or Zeus’ wife Hera who was so obsessed by her jealousy that she magically tricked many of her husbands’ lovers. 

It is also full of rapes (from men to women), murders of all sorts and sad stories of lovers losing each other. (Hamilton and Tierney, 2011)  And it is interesting to note that one of the myth synonyms are the nouns tale, legend or fable. 

My point is that one of my fantasies is to see the end of the stereotypes which describe women as vicious, jealous and violent creatures that burdens men. 

All the misery emerging from being human, will no longer be the woman’s fault but the result of factors such as socio-economic changes or natural phenomenon, for example!!!   

So what does that has to do with feminism? Oxford dictionary defines feminism as “the belief and aim that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men; the struggle to achieve this aim”. 

Thus, from that perspective, women should earn as much as men. Also, women should work as hard as men and they should have the same values and ethos in terms of education, self-awareness, health, money management etc…

Unfortunately, I DO NOT agree with this type of concept because I do not want to behave or live like men. Independence and respect should not be at the condition of being equal to men. 

As a black woman, I would like to be able to choose a career path without having to face the incommensurable amount of barriers that includes racism, discrimination and/or bullying.

Also, men from the western hemisphere have a long history of being violent, greedy, sexist, absent from family life because they are supposedly at work. Hence why, I do not wish to be equal to men. 

I would rather create and maintain a welcoming environment that allows children to spend as much time as possible with both parents and have suitable conditions to explore how well being could become the priority for all. 


No more money craving ideology or insane hustling attitude. 

However, before all the above is implemented we should focus on cleaning the mess that the white business men created. 

I am talking about the increasing plastic and Carbon dioxide production as well as the destruction of many ecosystems which generated the extinction of so many species. 

Hopefully by then we may be able to tell the next generations that they have a bright future before them.  

Stay tune for part 2, 




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