In part 1 we covered some interesting points about how women were wronged and diminished historically. Having said that, I do not believe in the superiority of women or that men do not suffer. Why? Because nowadays we know that some men die of domestic abuse too, which is only one  example of the type of suffering men can go through as human beings. 

The organisation explains that  “Of domestic abuse crimes recorded by the police, 26% were committed against men. This equates to 155,000 offences per year.” 

Additionally, some men do experience depression too. Let’s take the case of the famous Kanye West who is bipolar. The nature of being bipolar is to experience two major phases. The first being mania which is when the person is being overly optimistic. The NHS defines this state as “feeling very high” (NHS, 2021)

The other phase is depression. This is described by the NHS as “feeling very low and lethargic” (NHS, 2021)

Finally, women are not all trustworthy! 
Elizabeth Holmes, has purposely lied about her blood test device which has set the tone for business investors about the danger of con-womanhood. (the Guardian, 2021)


On the same level of unkindness was Melissa Caddick who “misappropriated about $25m of investors’ funds” (Press, 2021)

And women can be as violent and disturbed as men. Gorgina Challen was found guilty of hammering her husband whom she abused for years prior taking his life. (the Guardian, 2018) Filicides are also among the types of crimes that women can perpetuate (King, 2019). Although, we know now that it is the consequence of mental defects such as postnatal depression (NHS, 2021).

All the above leads to the confirmation that women are no super beings, who have been locked up in a tower and are waiting for a saviour to get them out of hell. 

Nonetheless, it is important to acknowledge that women are not treated with respect and compassion by everyone, concurrently there are signs that men do suffer from the same injustices. 

Perhaps, not at the same intensity and frequency which is not the point to be debated here, but the truth and the matter should not be put to the side in order to serve a dark agenda.

Standing for the truth is as important as standing against abuse. Abuse is not acceptable and I do not believe that you need to be a feminist to show support to women around the world. 

To conclude, I do understand that showing kindness and understanding to those who need (men and women) is to me an important step to be taken in order to move away from an old, colonialist and utterly violence mindset. All human beings deserve respect and acknowledgement!!!

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