Fed up of being considered as a prey by online scammers, the below steps will help you recognise them and report them. 
A. if someone contacts you on a dating website and other social media platforms, check out their profiles. The entire account! you need to be able to understand who, where, how and why. Make sure that you screenshot everything and store the data somewhere. 
B. If the person you are talking to is sweet talking you before you ever meet, you are a target. Do not engage until you have seen the person face to face in a public space.
C. If the person asks you for money, NEVER send any money. 
D. Do not give personal details such address, place of birth, place etc…
E. Speak to family and friends and share with them the information that you have so they will be able to see what you may not be capable of detecting due to infatuation.     
F. Report, Report, Report : send all the collected information to your local police. 
Lastly, do not feel ashamed if you engaged with one scammer they studied their craft and are pretty smart albeit ruthless!!!
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