Part 1- Conférence de presse – Réunion des chefs de gouvernement de la CARICOM, Belize, 2 mars 2022

If I could ask as a follow up, sir, but we know that one of the the elephants in the room in this region are the barriers to trade. And these are very real and we know that there is for a number of reasons, cultural among them, antipathy towards products produced in the region.
And many times we favour imported products from outside the region. We know the well known case, taken to court as quoted on the CCJ of Belize and Trinidad over sugar, subject very near to you.

How do we make the tariffs functional so that we can create a marketplace or a commercial space for our products to truly move freely and more cheaply across borders.

The Chairman of CARICOM , John Antonio

That’s something that that has started us as heads. Today we all made a commitment once again to be able to try to move that integration even more or certainly faster. Because we are realising that by doing that, our people benefit and we also have to appeal to or to the private sector or individual countries.

As you pointed out with with sugar. In Belize, we have made the necessary adjustments and changes to be able to meet the requirements. And it goes both ways. And more than ever.

I believe that because of the shocks that we’ve been getting the economic shocks over the past two years, I believe that now there is a renewed commitment to the single market integration in the Caribbean, I would ask Prime Minister Motley to add a little bit more as she has been doing most of the heavy lifting, with this Prime Minister?!

Prime Minister Motley

Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman. First of all, before I answer let me thank you and the people of Belize, for your wonderful hospitality in hosting us as CARICOM heads of government and our delegations. Over the last two days it has been indicated to me that you handled it with a level of efficiency.

Such that this is a first press conference and participation in the like the CARICOM heads of government meeting. let me say that with respect just to give some context, the 25 by 25 came as a result of the regional agricultural ministers meeting in Bridgestown in 2018.

And we indicated then that we really as a region needed to recognise that food and water were becoming the new oil and that we needed to be able to reduce the volume of imports while at the same time increasing the opportunities for our agricultural sector, our farmers in particular, but at the same time seeking to do two other things, one, reduce the cost of food and to encourage our people to eat more
locally grown food that would be better for them and would help us in reducing the bills we hope in the long run medium to long term that we spend in fighting chronic non communicable diseases.

There’s too much diabetes, there’s too much hypertension.

There’s too much stroke all of these things our populations are facing I therefore I’m more than happy to say that President dally who has responsibility in the quasi cabinet for agriculture and food security, was able to move with dispatch, even in the midst of a pandemic over the course of the last year to bring together the ministers of agriculture, to work with finances to meet with companies dealing with possibilities for crop insurance, to deal with the barriers that you spoke about.


Si vous me le permettez, monsieur, nous savons qu’il y a un énorme problème dans cette région qui sont les obstacles au commerce. Et ceux-ci sont très réels et nous savons qu’il y a, pour un certain nombre de raisons culturelles parmi elles, de l’antipathie envers les produits fabriqués dans la région.

Et souvent, nous privilégions les produits importés de l’extérieur de la région. Nous connaissons bien le cas judiciaire de la CCJ de Belize et de Trinidad concernant le sujet du sucre importés.

Comment pouvons-nous rendre les tarifs fonctionnels afin que nous puissions créer un marché ou un espace commercial pour que nos produits puissent vraiment circuler librement et à moindre coût à travers les frontières.

Le président de CARICOM , John Antonio répond:

C’est quelque chose qui nous concerne et aujourd’hui nous nous sommes tous engagés une fois de plus, afin de faire avancer cette intégration plus rapidement. Parce que nous nous rendons compte qu’en faisant cela, notre population en bénéficie et nous devons également faire appel au secteur privé ou à des pays individuels.
Comme vous l’avez souligné avec le sucre. A Belize, nous avons apporté les ajustements et les changements nécessaires pour pouvoir répondre aux exigences locales. Et cela va dans les deux sens. Et plus que jamais je crois qu’en raison des chocs économiques que nous avons subis au cours des deux dernières années, je crois que maintenant, il y a un engagement renouvelé en faveur de l’intégration du marché unique dans les Caraïbes.

Je demanderais a la première ministre Motley d’ajouter quelques mots, concernant cette intégration car elle a fait la plupart du gros du travail. Madame la première ministre, je vous passe la parole.

La première ministre Motley s’exprime:

Merci beaucoup, monsieur le président. Tout d’abord, avant de répondre, permettez-moi de vous remercier, vous et le peuple de Belize, pour votre merveilleuse hospitalité en nous accueillant en tant que chefs de gouvernement de la CARICOM et nos délégations. Au cours des deux derniers jours, il m’a été indiqué que vous l’avez géré avec un certain niveau d’efficacité.

Permettez-moi de dire, afin de donner un contexte, que les résultats de 25 par 25 ont été obtenus à la suite de la réunion des ministres régionaux de l’agriculture à Bridgetown en 2018.

Et nous avons reconnu que nous devions vraiment, en tant que région, reconnaître que la nourriture et l’eau deviendraient le nouveau pétrole et que nous devions être en mesure de réduire le volume des importations tout en augmentant les opportunités pour notre secteur agricole, et pour nos agriculteurs en particulier, mais en cherchant en même temps à faire deux autres choses.

Premièrement, réduire le coût de la nourriture et encourager nos peuples à manger plus d’aliments cultivés localement.

Ce qui serait meilleurs pour eux et ce qui nous aiderait à réduire les factures essentiellement liées à la lutte contre les maladies chroniques non transmissibles, sur du moyen et du long terme.

Il y a trop de diabète, il y a trop d’hypertension.
Il y a trop d’AVC, toutes ces choses auxquelles nos populations sont confrontées.


Reference (n.d.). Press Conference – CARICOM Heads of Government Meeting, Belize, 2 March 2022. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Aug. 2022].




This is Fred from IVisible, 

Today, I really need to give my personal point of view regarding the beautiful Rachel Meghan Markle.

I have nothing against Mrs Markle as I do not know her personally and I am not even interested in knowing her as such. she married a rich white male who is very famous because of his birth right to be a Prince.

By doing so Meghan was able to enter the aristocracy of Britain.
But as we all know those posh people and I’m referring to the aristocrats act like a cult. Indeed, there is no diversity, no change in the way they do things and no kindness for others. These are some of the ideologies that they seem to abide to.

Of course, this is my observation, as I do not have access to this type of people. So, for a woman from a complete different background, entering this thick and discriminatory world must have been hell on earth.

The most annoying is the fact that the media in the UK spent its time bashing on Meghan as if she had no feelings.
I do not get why so many poor white people are against her.

I think that they are no way better than Meghan, especially knowing their history of rage against other ethnic groups.
I think that they should just be quiet as they know how to shut up when it comes to important matter such as the cost-of-living crisis and Brexit.

Meanwhile as unashamed racist and uneducated people that they are, they idolise Kate Middleton.

Kate, who has no career, no personality, and does very little to improve anything in their local community.
Kate Middleton does one thing and one thing only. She makes babies to Prince William and obeys to whatever her husband’s family require her to do, like a well-trained soldier. (Middleton, 2018)

I have spent years hearing about the trash that, British people allow themself to get into when it comes to Mrs Markle and playing dirty seems to be the only thing that you want to do.

So, today I want to say that as a white girl, Kate had too many financial and social advantages. As a daughter of a businessman, she never had to worry about the basics like paying her bills or studying toward a degree and not knowing how to finance that degree.

Kate has never experienced hardship, despite the difficult time that the press insist that she may have had as the girlfriend of the prince. Indeed, she could not find a respectable job. (Middleton, 2018)

What a non-sense and pitiful position to be in!

Kate has only been in a bubble, protected by her father and her husband. In the real world for most black women, it is very hard to get by and finding sympathy especially when you are in a vulnerable position is practically mission impossible.
Megan Merkel may not have struggled the most due to her father who had some money at some point in his life. But Kate is not better than her!

If anything, Meghan is not less educated than Kate. Anon, (2020)

Kate just holds a degree completed at the University of St. Andrews which has seen her husband graduated too. (Middleton, 2018)

To me, Kate has no character whatsoever.

She is not inspiring compared to Megan Merkel, who I stand with.

Beauty wise Kate is not pretty compared to many black women, and this includes Meghan Markle. I personally do not like Kate because she does nothing innovative or helpful for women in general. And we know how hard it is to be safe in this world as a woman.

So, there is work to do and because of her position she could be a great help for others.
However, she is not known for advocating for anything that is not related to her husband’s duty and to me she represents an old fashion way of living.

I am sure that William thought about being with someone more charitable because “In April 2007” they broke up. (Middleton, 2018)

And I could go deeper into bashing Kate just like those racist, stupid, arrogant, silly journalists who love to create discord and belittling Meghan.

So, in order to send a message of peace and harmony, I must add that people around the world are watching you and it is not a pretty image that you are portraying.

Finally, I am not Meghan but if I was her shoes, I would have stayed in the UK, just to make sure that Britain do not treat another black woman the way they dirtied me.

I am done with this topic. I am not sure if I will make another video about Meghan and Harry, especially Meghan because she is a black woman and I think that she is a human, and she needs some support. I will think about it and thank you so much for listening and I hope you will subscribe and like this video.




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Salut, c’est Fred de IVisible, 

Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas ma chaîne je vous encourage à consulter mes vidéos précédentes et surtout mon site en cliquant sur le lien dans la section description de cette vidéo.

J’aimerais savoir ce que vous pensez de la qualité des vidéos et du site Web.

N’hésitez donc pas à laisser quelques mots dans la section des commentaires de cette vidéo.

Aujourd’hui, je vais vous parler de l’ancienne ministre chargée de l’immigration, Priti Patel (, n.d.).

Interrogée par ses pairs au sujet de la traversée de la Manche par les demandeurs d’asile, Priti Patel a dû faire face à plusieurs questions plutôt intéressantes. Je vais donc me concentrer sur ce qu’il me semble être important de retenir de l’échange entre l’ex-ministre de l’Intérieur et ses collègues.

À la quinzième minute de la conversation, la question de savoir comment les forces de police peuvent améliorer le processus de recrutement et particulièrement l’urgence de faire des vérifications plus poussées sur le passé des recrues potentielles a été abordée.
Ceci a été suivie d’une question sur la stratégie liée à l’application de la loi visant à réprimander les agresseurs à la vingtième minute de la conversation.

Priti Patel n’avait pas vraiment donné de réponse et a commencé une sorte d’essai interminable sur l’excellence des forces de police.  Ses collègues lui ont rappelé que ce n’était pas le sujet de la journée, mais elle a continué et était même très impolie. 

Elle a imposé à la salle le fait qu’elle devait illustrer dans quel contexte le débat devait se faire. Cela justifiait donc, d’après Priti Patel, de passer beaucoup de temps à féliciter les agents de police sans aucun motif tangible pour se faire.  

Cela semblait très superficiel et complètement hors sujet. Les objectifs de la conversation n’ont donc pas été atteint. 

En fait, lorsque le membre du parlement qui présidait le débat a été en mesure de reprendre la parole et de faire en sorte que le plan thématique du jour soit suivi, il a été mentionné qu’il n’y avait pas de recrutement en personne pour les policiers. 

J’aurais aussi demandé pourquoi le nombre de policiers britanniques blancs est si élevé par rapport à d’autres groupes ethniques.

Et pourquoi rien n’a été fait pour changer la culture raciste et abusive actuellement perpétuée par un ministère de la fonction publique aussi crucial. 

Puis, à la seizième minute, il a été demandé de détailler les options qui sont utilisables pour s’attaquer aux infractions sexuelles de niveau faible. Et surtout les membres du parlement voulaient savoir si la masturbation, le voyeurisme et l’exposition de parties intimes étaient considérés comme de faibles niveaux de criminalité. 

Là encore, aucune réponse spécifique n’a été présentée pour donner l’assurance que des progrès étaient réalisés.
Les réponses de Priti Patel étaient vagues et elle a brièvement parlé de la façon dont les problèmes de santé mentale étaient des points importants à explorer, ce qui comprenait d’accentuer les efforts emi sur la prévention. 

Bien sûr, Priti Patel n’a donné aucune date de limite à laquelle une amélioration substantielle aurait pu être observée. 

Je crois fermement que les forces de police devraient être tenues responsable de leur manque de compétence en fonction de la situation donnée. Cependant, je me demande quels autres outils ils ont besoin pour s’occuper des infractions sexuelles.
S’agit-il d’offrir aux policiers une formation plus adéquate sur les infractions sexuelles ou bien, d’innover en utilisant les nouvelles technologies afin de détecter les délinquants potentiels et, par la suite, d’empêcher que des violences plus graves soient perpétrées dans les communautés au niveau  local?

En raison du manque de détail sur le sujet, une question m’est venue à l’esprit : quels étaient les véritable buts des agents qui enquêtent sur les crimes et ce qui peut être amélioré pour obtenir plus de conformité venant de la part de la police?

J’aurai voulu acquérir plus de connaissances sur le fonctionnement des agresseurs sexuels et comment sensibiliser les forces de police et le grand public. 

Plus important encore, cette audience était l’occasion de défendre les intérêts des victimes d’agressions sexuelles et de violence conjugales .  Je m’attendais également à ce que Mme Priti Patel utilise moins de jargon et écoute les préoccupations des autres. 

L’accent qu’elle a mis sur la fréquence à laquelle elle est en contact avec les forces de police n’était pas un aspect important à souligner, car cela n’aide pas à réduire le taux de crime dans la société. 

Néanmoins, cette information laisse à penser qu’un plan adéquat pour lutter contre les violences conjugales et la récidive etait envisagé, cela pour d’empêcher les délinquants d’agrésser les autres. Mais il n’y avait rien de substantiel.

Priti Patel n’a établi aucun plan d’action à ce jour. 

Ses collègues lui ont rappelé qu’elle devait soumettre un plan d’action clair en 2021 et que celui-ci n’était toujours pas terminé. 
La deuxième partie de la conversation a porté sur la traversée de la Manche par les demandeurs d’asile.

Diane Abbot a tenté de déterminer comment Mme Patel justifiait l’implication potentielle de la marine pour dissuader les demandeurs d’asile de traverser la Manche.

Mme Patel a utilisé beaucoup de jargon et n’a pas voulu répondre à la question. Patel a exprimé le fait que les travaux qui incluent la marine n’avaient pas encore été achevés.

Tout en restant délibérément et rigidement sur ce terrain, elle a refusé de donner plus de détails sur l’approche opérationnelle de la planification, de la coordination et de la mise en place de solutions pour résoudre ce problème. 

Mme Abbot a également cité James Heappey, le ministre de la Défense, qui a envoyé le message clair qu’aucune intervention plausible de la Marine sur la question n’était à prévoir. 

Pour conclure, le parti conservateur a une fois de plus fait preuve d’un manque de transparence et de professionnalisme. Ceci est très condescendant et démoralisant. 

La seule vraie certitude ici, c’est l’incapacité de Patel à être efficace sur son poste. Ceci en conjonction avec son incapacité à comprendre que le public et ses collègues ne sont pas dupés par ses mensonges.  
Je suis heureuse qu’elle ait démissionné et j’espère qu’elle n’aura plus jamais l’occasion d’agir en tant que membre Parlementaire.

Nous devrions cependant détailler ses antécédents, car ce n’est pas la première fois que Patel a montré son manque de professionnalisme politiquement parlant. 

Patel a dû démissionner en novembre 2017 à la suite d’une réunion officieuse avec des Israéliens en tant que secrétaire britannique au développement international. Et la même année, elle a cessé de payer 25000 livres à son mari pour avoir agi comme agent de conseille pendant son mandat (Priti Patel quits cabinet over Israel meetings row, 2017)Laud, G. (2021).

Après tout cela, pourquoi cette femme a-t-elle obtenu un poste de haut niveau sous le mandat du Premier Ministre Boris Johnson? 

En fait, elle n’est qu’une personne opportuniste, indigne de confiance qui a prouvé, une fois encore, à quel point elle est inefficace lorsqu’elle a démissionné pour la deuxième fois en septembre 2022 en tant que ministre de l’Intérieur. 

Elle est agressive et très irrespectueuse, même au Parlement. Nous avons été témoins de son manque de calme et de compassion lorsqu’elle a crié « ferme-la » à ses collègues au Parlement (The Independent,2022).

De plus, il a été constaté qu’elle avait enfreint le code de conduite ministériel lorsqu’une enquête pour intimidation a été ouverte contre elle l’année dernière en 2021 (the Guardian, 2020).

Je ne peux imaginer à quel point il doit être difficile de vivre à ses côtés, surtout pour son fils. 

Je suis tellement contente qu’elle ne soit plus ministre de l’intérieur et j’espère ne plus jamais la revoir au parlement.

Pour moi, elle doit être évitée à tout prix et bannie de la fonction publique, pour toujours. 

Je pense qu’il est très important de prêter attention à ce sujet. Cela est dû à l’impact indéniable que le rôle du ministre de l’Intérieur a sur la vie quotidienne de tous les citoyens britanniques. Nous méritons mieux que Patel!

Enfin, et ce n’est que mon avis, je trouve son code vestimentaire très mal accommodé. Ses robes manquent de grâce. 
Juste pour faire la comparaison avec un autre membre du parti conservateur, Theresa May a toujours été très bien habillée. 

Les bijoux et le code vestimentaire de Madame May envoient un signal de compétence, de soin, de féminité et de professionnalisme. 
Priti Patel n’est pas du tout à ce niveau de soins.
Et en tant que femme issue d’une minorité ethnique, je dois admettre qu’elle avait l’air échevelée, pas attrayante et mediocre. 

C’est tout pour aujourd’hui, merci de m’avoir écouté et à bientôt dans la prochaine vidéo.


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The Black female voices Part 5. An overview of other Black Female YouTubers channels

Hi this is Fred from IVisible

For those who do not know my channel I encourage you to check my previous videos and most importantly my website by clicking on the link in the description box of this video.

This video is part of a series so if you want to start from the beginning of this series just click on part 1 in the video library of this channel.
It might be the last part of the series but not the last episode of the Channel IVisible, so don’t worry, you will hear from us again.

Let’s get started !

As it was challenging to cover all the YouTubers with a black female grass roots, the most difficult was to select the most interesting of them all in order to capture as much diversity as possible.

The purpose of the series was to raise awareness about a fundamental fact : black female YouTubers do actively participate to the many discussions brought online.

Perhaps the title should have been the black female voices of North America because most of the selected channels were based on the American continent.

But who knows, I may publish another series with a focus on other region of the globe. That may, hopefully help increase the degree of representation of marginalised groups.

So to stay on topic, we primarily examined what each YouTuber was able to convey in terms of image quality and the presentation capability to attract and retain an audience.

It was tempting to create a comparison chart and that would undervalued the efforts made by the YouTubers to create spaces that resonate with their subscribers.

To put things simply, I tried to extract the most positive features of each channel to demonstrate that black females are capable of providing entertaining media content.

So What are the learning outcome of this series :

Firstly we know that Black females are working hard toward being more vocal about their needs in terms of media content. All the channels reviewed, featured characteristics that promote self-care, black feminism, professionalism or research and so much more.

For example, Fab socialism did a video about how in her view the singer ” Rihanna” tried to capitalise on a skin care line by manipulating her fan’s base.

Fab Socialism implied that the products’ promotion offered by Rihanna’s line is too capitalistic and due to the fact that only a few people will have the privilege to become a billionaire, it is unethical for the singer to engage in altruism.

The topic was introduced with sources and a disclaimer as well as a statement informing the audience that her aim was not to bluntly criticising the singer.

Fab socialism also expressed her disbelieve regarding the singer promotional slogan which included the term diversity whilst having a relationship with a man who allegedly insulted black women publicly and disengaged from helping the less fortunate.

Another YouTuber Oh Stephco tried to defend her opinion about how the singer Beyoncé is “the greatest artist” of her generation and that people should stop criticising the artist.

The video was done in the mist of Beyoncé new promotional work.

It is important to point out the difference between the two by clearly examining the fact that one gave her opinion based on her feelings, for instance, Oh Stephco.

And the other one, Fab socialism, provided some type of references to her arguments.

Secondly, we know now that those channels’ owners found meanings in their work. I do not know how to measure this element though.
Nonetheless, many of those channels are expending, experimenting or simply having fun using media and creativity as a business model.
However, they are not professional journalists which makes this series an analysis of amateurism within the Black female YouTubers community in North America.

For example Wine n Chill with Stephanie, Lexus Exodus, Mahogany Pink, Real Talk with Yanie and Tee noir are all holding their judgement as the truth.

Some like Wine n Chill with Stephanie have a professional background related to her channel’s output which makes her an expert to some degree. However, she has no professional connection with the cases that she comments on. And that is totally fine!

To be clear, there is little others, by others I mean consumers, can do to improve the situation, but, to bear in mind that fake news and sensationalism is a huge problem within the media industry at large and consequently with amateurs.

According to Aaron Davis the profession of journalism sees a decline in “ethics standards and” an increased pressure to direct contents toward sensationalism (Davis, 2019).

He also explains, on page 83, that “non complex, cheap, human interest and celebrity stories, scandals and gossip, all have become” the new standard (Davis, 2019).

Davis’ book was published in 2019 but Richard Hofstadter in his 1955 version of the age of reform, tells us in the chapter 2 named history of conspiracy on page 71, that this type of phenomenon happens when populism is on the rise (Hofstadter, 2008).

He goes on to say that and I quote : certain type of popular movements of dissents offer special opportunities to agitators with paranoid tendencies (Hofstadter, 2008).

He is referring to conspiracist and on page 189 he adds that, within a 30 years period between 1870 and 1890, news papers created both “reportable” events and “muckraking” (Hofstadter, 2008).

Muckraking being, still according to Hofstadter, events that are not reportable by transforming those in such a way that they are cleverly generating emotional responses from the audience.

So the tendency to search for attention by exaggerating on minor subjects is not new in the media industry. This is the result of an ever evolving market landscape which brings along new opportunities and weaknesses.

Finally, rather than making an obvious conclusion I would like you to think about what can be done to give to each YouTuber, an opportunity to avoid the fake news and muckraking trap.

The danger is real and I hope to talk about it further, fairly soon.

That is all for me today, I hope you did enjoy this video and let me know what you think of the topic in the comment section.

Thanks for listening and see you in the next video!



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The Black female voices

Part 4. Khadija Mbowe and Shanspeare

Hi this is Fred from IVisible

For those who do not know my channel I encourage you to check my previous videos and most importantly my website by clicking on the link in the description box of this video.

This video is part of a series so if you want to start from the beginning of this series just click on part 1 in the video library of this channel.
This part will be different from the previous parts.

Today’s focus will be on 2 different YouTubers Khadija Mbowe and Shanspeare.
Why ? Because this is my channel and I do whatever I please!
Also, I found that both of those Black Female YouTubers have particularities that may be overlooked.

The first one is being genuine and the second one deviates from the regularity of what is found in the pool of YouTuber’s creativity.

We will start with Khadija Mbowe.

From my understanding she is based in Canada. This is interesting because Canadian Black females YouTubers are kind of hard to find but this is just my point of view. I hope that there are more of them out there.

On a more technical side, Khadija has an original presentation speech. She is articulate, organised, able to quote and creates meaningful contents video that are in the context of the issues faced by black females in the North the American continent.

She is funny and is often able to construct a particular kind of interpretation of the topic she explores.

She seems approachable and has a calm mannerism which might be a possible answer to the question of what makes her style distinctive.
I do listen to her for entertainment purposes because it is fun and thoughtful.

Editing wise, she has a background setting that does not change much but that makes her channel more recognisable. So it is not a bad thing at all.

Although, I do not think that she is unique in regards of the sort of topics that she choses to talk about. Having said that, her natural style makes the difference.

I would love to see if she can introduce a more complicated range of videos but that is just my personal observation.

Shanspeare is the second Channel in my list of topics for today.
She is eclectic and very unique. To be honest, I would even add that we could put her face next to the definition of uniqueness in the dictionary.

There are many parallels that could be drawn with Intelexual Media.
Make sure to have a look at in my video named The Black female voices Part 2 so that you can understand what I am talking about.

To go back to Shanspeare, her sassiness and cheekiness are not ambiguous. If anything it is the opposite.

She has clear objectives, structured arguments and one could argue that she has a collection of insightful essays available to all.

Her looks changes according to the videos’ topic and she uses shorter concepts comedy to make it both entertaining and educational.

To conclude, both YouTubers have a distinctive editing style which encompasses substance through analysis and interpretation. Nonetheless, I would be entertained by Khadija and would learn from Shanspeare.

So depending on what you are looking for and your tastes both may suit you if you are like myself, a supporter of Black female YouTubers.
That is all for today, I hope you did enjoy this video and let me know what you think of Khadija Mbowe and Shanspeare in the comment section.

Thanks for listening and see you in the next video!

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Hi This is Fred from IVisible.

For those who do not know my channel, I encourage you to check my previous videos and most importantly my website by clicking on the link in the description box of this video. 

I would love to hear from you regarding both the quality of the videos and the website.

So please leave a few words in the comment section of this video.

Today, I will cover the video where Priti Patel was grilled by Members of Parliament over the issue of channel crossing.

Many questions were asked so I will focus on what I think is important to remember from the exchange between the ex-Home secretary and the chamber.

At 15.15 minutes, the question of how can the Met Police improve its recruitment process and check on those who apply for the jobs was asked, followed by a question on the strategy that relates to enforcing the law against abusers at 20.53 minutes of the conversation.

Pitri Patel had no real answer and started some kind of business-like pitch about the police force excellence.

She was reminded that it was not the topic for the day, but she kept on going and came across as very rude.

She argued that she had to put some contextual details. Hence the importance of spending a long time congratulating the police workforce without any tangible ground for it.

This seemed highly superficial and out of touch with the conversation’s aims and direction.

In fact, when the main speaker of the chamber was able to get back on track topic-wise, it was mentioned that no face-to-face recruitment for police officers was available.

I would have asked why the number of white British male police officers is so high compared to other ethnic groups. And why nothing has been done to change the racist and abusive culture currently perpetuated by such a pivotal public service department.

Then, at 16.17 minutes, Patel was asked how to tackle low-level of sexual offenses. And are masturbation, voyeurism, and exposing private parts considered low levels of crime?

There again, no specific reply was laid on the table to give at least some kind of reassurance that progress is being made.

Her answers were vague and she briefly spoke about how mental health issues are all important points to explore including prevention.
Of course, no delivery dates were given for substantial improvement.

I strongly believe that the police should be held accountable for the lack of competency when required. However, I don’t understand what more tools they need in order to tackle sexual offenses.

Are we talking about providing more adequate training on sexual offenses or being innovative by using new technology in order to detect potential offenders, and subsequently prevent a high degree of violence from happening in local communities?

Due to the lack of insight into the subject, I was left wondering what the real purpose of officers investigating crimes is, and what can be improved to gain more compliance from the police task force.

I wanted to gain more knowledge about how abusers operate and how to raise awareness among the police force and the public at large.

Most importantly the hearing was an opportunity to advocate for survivors of sexual assaults and domestic abuse.

I was also expecting Mrs. Priti Patel to use less jargon and to listen to others’ concerns.

Her focus on how often she is in contact with the police force was not an important aspect to be pointed out because it doesn’t help reduce crimes.

It could, nonetheless, help create an adequate plan to tackle domestic abuse or prevent offenders from aggressing others but she had no insight of this sort to offer on that day.

She was reminded that she had to submit a clear plan of action back in 2021 and this was still not completed.

The second part of the conversation was focused on the channel crossing by asylum seekers.

Diane Abbot tried to pinpoint how Mrs. Patel justified the potential involvement of the navy to deter channel crossing by asylum seekers.

Mrs. Patel used a lot of jargon and didn’t want to answer the question. Patel expressed the fact that the work that included the navy had not been completed, yet.

Whilst deliberately and rigidly staying on that ground, she refused to give more details on the operational approach to planning, coordinating & delivering a solution to tackle the issue.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Abbot quoted James Heappey, the defense minister, who sent the clear message that no plausible intervention of the Navy on the matter was to be anticipated. (Channel migrants: MPs criticise use of navy to tackle English Channel crossings, 2022)

To conclude, the Tory party has once again shown a lack of transparency and professionalism that is highly patronising and demoralising.

The only real certainty here, is Patel’s inability to be effective and efficient. In addition to her incapacity to understand that the public and her colleagues are not duped by her lies.

I am glad that she resigned and I hope that she will not be given any type of front bench opportunity in parliament ever again.

We should detail her background though because this is not the first instance where Patel showed her unprofessionalism politically speaking.

Patel had to resign in November 2017 over an unofficial meeting with Israelis as UK international development secretary. (Priti Patel quits cabinet over Israel meetings row, 2017) And the same year she stopped paying her Husband £25000 for advising her whilst in office. (Laud, 2021)
After all this, why has this woman been given a senior position under Johnson’s premiership?

She is just an opportunist and untrustworthy person who proved her callousness as she resigned for a second time in September 2022 as a home secretary.

She is aggressive and very disrespectful even in parliament.
We witnessed her lack of calm and compassion when she shouted “shut-up” (The Independent,2022) to her colleagues in parliament and was found to have broken the ministerial code of conduct when an inquiry for bullying was raised against her last year in 2021. (the Guardian, 2020)
I can imagine how difficult it might be to deal with her in the privacy of her home, especially for her son.

I am so glad that she is out and I hope never to see her again. To me, she is to be avoided at all costs and banned from public service, forever.

I think that this topic is very important to pay attention to. This is due to the undeniable impact that the role of the Home secretary has on the daily lives of all UK citizens. We deserve better than Patel!

Finally, this is my opinion only, I found her dress code very ugly. Her dresses lack grace.

Compared to Theresa May, just to take an example of another senior member of the Tory party, was always very well put together.
Mrs. May’s jewellery and dress code sent a signal of competency, care, womanhood, and professionalism.

Priti Patel is not at that level of care at all. And as a woman from an ethnic minority, I must admit that she looked disheveled, not appealing nor aspirational.

This is all for today, thanks for listening to me and see you in the next video. 



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