This is Fred from IVisible, 

Today, I really need to give my personal point of view regarding the beautiful Rachel Meghan Markle.

I have nothing against Mrs Markle as I do not know her personally and I am not even interested in knowing her as such. she married a rich white male who is very famous because of his birth right to be a Prince.

By doing so Meghan was able to enter the aristocracy of Britain.
But as we all know those posh people and I’m referring to the aristocrats act like a cult. Indeed, there is no diversity, no change in the way they do things and no kindness for others. These are some of the ideologies that they seem to abide to.

Of course, this is my observation, as I do not have access to this type of people. So, for a woman from a complete different background, entering this thick and discriminatory world must have been hell on earth.

The most annoying is the fact that the media in the UK spent its time bashing on Meghan as if she had no feelings.
I do not get why so many poor white people are against her.

I think that they are no way better than Meghan, especially knowing their history of rage against other ethnic groups.
I think that they should just be quiet as they know how to shut up when it comes to important matter such as the cost-of-living crisis and Brexit.

Meanwhile as unashamed racist and uneducated people that they are, they idolise Kate Middleton.

Kate, who has no career, no personality, and does very little to improve anything in their local community.
Kate Middleton does one thing and one thing only. She makes babies to Prince William and obeys to whatever her husband’s family require her to do, like a well-trained soldier. (Middleton, 2018)

I have spent years hearing about the trash that, British people allow themself to get into when it comes to Mrs Markle and playing dirty seems to be the only thing that you want to do.

So, today I want to say that as a white girl, Kate had too many financial and social advantages. As a daughter of a businessman, she never had to worry about the basics like paying her bills or studying toward a degree and not knowing how to finance that degree.

Kate has never experienced hardship, despite the difficult time that the press insist that she may have had as the girlfriend of the prince. Indeed, she could not find a respectable job. (Middleton, 2018)

What a non-sense and pitiful position to be in!

Kate has only been in a bubble, protected by her father and her husband. In the real world for most black women, it is very hard to get by and finding sympathy especially when you are in a vulnerable position is practically mission impossible.
Megan Merkel may not have struggled the most due to her father who had some money at some point in his life. But Kate is not better than her!

If anything, Meghan is not less educated than Kate. Anon, (2020)

Kate just holds a degree completed at the University of St. Andrews which has seen her husband graduated too. (Middleton, 2018)

To me, Kate has no character whatsoever.

She is not inspiring compared to Megan Merkel, who I stand with.

Beauty wise Kate is not pretty compared to many black women, and this includes Meghan Markle. I personally do not like Kate because she does nothing innovative or helpful for women in general. And we know how hard it is to be safe in this world as a woman.

So, there is work to do and because of her position she could be a great help for others.
However, she is not known for advocating for anything that is not related to her husband’s duty and to me she represents an old fashion way of living.

I am sure that William thought about being with someone more charitable because “In April 2007” they broke up. (Middleton, 2018)

And I could go deeper into bashing Kate just like those racist, stupid, arrogant, silly journalists who love to create discord and belittling Meghan.

So, in order to send a message of peace and harmony, I must add that people around the world are watching you and it is not a pretty image that you are portraying.

Finally, I am not Meghan but if I was her shoes, I would have stayed in the UK, just to make sure that Britain do not treat another black woman the way they dirtied me.

I am done with this topic. I am not sure if I will make another video about Meghan and Harry, especially Meghan because she is a black woman and I think that she is a human, and she needs some support. I will think about it and thank you so much for listening and I hope you will subscribe and like this video.




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