My heart goes to Sabina Nessa’s family (Davies, Lyons and Ward, 2021), who must feel betrayed and shocked by the death of their beautiful daughter, sister, cousin and friend. 


It is such a shame to witness such an appalling act of violence. Sabina Nessa was a bright young individual who deserves to be remembered by all as much as Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman whom have been killed “at Fryent Country Park in Wembley on 6 June 2020” (Wembley park stabbings: Danyal Hussein guilty of murdering sisters, 2021). 


To be honest, this goes for everyone who has suffered and who is suffering from abuse. 


I agree that “It should have never […] been normalised that some men kill women”, nonetheless how can’t we empathise on the reality that women are not the only targets of abuse. (HuffPost UK, 2021)


There are some 2.3 million victims of domestic abuse a year aged 16 to 74 (two-thirds of whom are women)” (, 2020) which means that the remaining one third are men and children.


It is not a black and white issue or a woman’s first concern. Indeed, thanks to Dr. Grande’s video about the “Missing White Woman Syndrome” that made me realise that the cases of violence against white women get a lot more scrutiny than the other groups of people, this includes men and ethnic groups.(, n.d.) 


The bias was so obvious with the Sarah Everard case. A wave of protest and support did intensify the conversation about the subject of violence against white women in the UK. 


But what about the others? 




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