Loneliness can be pretty hard to handle, I know how empty and cold it can feel. Nonetheless, I also experienced financial, emotional and physical abuse which is far more damaging. 

3 of my ex-partners were violent emotionally, financially, physically, financially and/or mentally. Their lack of remorse taught me to ruthlessly provide for myself and to be happy to do so.  

Now, I value my time, my money, my emotions and my body in a way that any man who is invited to share memories with me has to show me respect, attention and consistency at any stage of the relationship. There is no room for negotiation. 

I understand that it can be challenging to stay joyful in those circumstances and I agree that it can be demoralising, at times. However, the shame of being scammed has proven to be deadly in some cases. A Canadian woman did commit suicide after loosing all her life saving. (reference 7 – The Invisible Man: Uncovering a global online romance scam – YouTube – Official W5, 2019)

Hence, I am convinced that scammers are corrosive to the core. They will hunt you down until there is nothing left of your savings and energy. 

Don’t fall for the promise of being in a relationship, don’t give in to your emotional and sexual frustration because scammers and con artists mastered their skills in order to pray on others’ vulnerabilities. 

Indeed, you will feel heartbroken and lose your sense of safety due to scammers’ lies as well as manipulative tactics. 

There are countless stories which you can access on Youtube. Feel free to check some of them in the reference part below. This will help you to gain a valuable insight on their practices and the way in which survivors get through their ordeals. 
The goal is to recognise it, avoid it, report it and raise awareness so that others will not be tortured. 

The goal is to recognise it, avoid it, report it and raise awareness so that others will not be tortured. 
Stay strong and if you are suspicious of any wrongdoings from an online contact, report it at 


If you live in another country contact your local police and Interpol at 

Report a suspected fraud and abuse of INTERPOL’s name

For more information about reporting scams, follow the below links : 
With Luv, 





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