Art is a way to express yourself based on one’s imagination and 1of these forms of showing the world what you have in mind is graffiti. So I asked a graphic college student what he thought about this type of art. Khacem has been practicing drawing and other forms of art to express himself since he was 5 years old. 

Which graffiti do you like the most?

“My favourite are the colourful graffiti because there is a lot going on within the colours rather than just black and white which is less appealing. Also colours can have meaning so for example blue may mean calm or cold and red can mean anger.” 

What do you think about the Council arguing that graffiti should be considered as vandalism? 

“I think that the council should give people with this talent a specific location to practice their passion. A lot of unused buildings might be the perfect space for people who do graffiti. It is an art not vandalism and people should try to appreciate it.” 


At the end of the interview I even thought about encouraging the council to organise a week-long festival which could help graffiti artists being taken more seriously thus connecting with their communities and fans.



If you are a graffiti artist and need a platform to advertise, I am more than happy to help just contact me via Linkedin.


From a fan,