The Black female voices Part 3. For Harriet

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Today we will enter the world of the channel For Harriet

Truly For Harriet is enjoyable.

Nonetheless, I do not necessarily agree with all of her statements and she does make me think about the topics that she covers in a deeper level.

There is a warmth about her her communication style that is highly appealing . Beside she shows a lot of maturity and her beauty is to be recognised.

To me Harriet is doing a great job at voicing her opinions and I would love to hear her exploring more conversations with other youtubers about topics such as Politics, societal issues and/or health care.

The flow in which she is able to convey her thoughts is impressive.
In truth, it is non aggressive , it is also funny and very rich in discourse. This is very important to point out because it is so easy to get stuck in channels that do not bring much intellectual wise.

Not that we expect to hear a lecturer but at least the content should be stimulating enough so that the viewer feels at home.

This what For Harriet is.

A very keen communicator that makes you feel like you are listening to your friends chit chatting at the coffee shop next door. The piece of cake is, of course, required though !

I love hot chocolate so I often have a cup of it whilst watching For Harriet.

That is all for me today, I hope you did enjoy this video and let me know what you think of For Harriet in the comment section.
Thanks for listening and see you in part 4 of the series.

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