When you think about Pharrell Williams, you automatically picture the song Happy and how funny he looked with his hat and his dance moves. 

I am amazed by all his accomplishments from a movie with The Neptunes Presents: Dude… We’re Going To Rio (History Vault, 2019), to books (Please place the book picture (in yellow) here if possible) YES, I bought it !!! ?

and his own line of skin care products www.humanrace.com (which I would love to try !?). 

Pharrell has worked with so many artists than I think that one question that I would like to ask him is who you DID NOT work with ? Even Hans Zimmer had collaborated with him, so it is fair to say that he has many talents. 

However, I prefer when he works as part of the Neptunes, one of my favourite songs is It Girl – PharrellWilliamsVEVO (2014). As an anime fan, the video is great to look at as well as the beat to dance on and everything about it really… It makes me feel pretty when I listen to it!

But, what I truly love about this artist is the fact that he does value education and has an honorary doctorate in political science. (Miller, 2017)

This is more important to me than all the songs and collaborations that he was able to accumulate over the years, because I think that this is the type of values and role model children and young adults need to follow. 

To conclude, Pharrell Williams has a special place in my heart and I would like to express how proud and thankful I am of his achievements. 

And, if he does read this blog, I hope that he knows that he gives strengths and hope to many people through his music and his personality. 

To a wonderful human being from Frederique,

With Luv



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