Why do so many prime ministers come from the same background? 

Why are they not in touch with the needs of the public they are meant to serve?

Why do we (the public) have to deal with white rich boys who have no connection with the working class? 


So many more questions remain about a political environment which exhausts, limits, robs and belittles the public. A public that will NEVER have the same opportunities as them. A public that was not born with a silver spoon in its mouth but rather have to get by with disgusting living conditions and harsh work environments until their death.


What is the most worrisome is the fact that those political white boys are utterly arrogant, mediocre and emotionally deficient. “Being linked to business and family ties” (www.youtube.com, n.d. at 10.06 min) is not a sign of success. They just capitalise on what their family and ancestors have taken from the poor. 


Let’s take the case of Mr. Cameron (which by the way, I cannot stand – this is only my personal view / bias), the Guardian says that “David Cameron was revealed to have slave-owners in his family background in 2013 when researchers from University College London examined compensation payments made to Britain’s most powerful families following the UK abolition of slavery in 1833.” (the Guardian, 2015)


Well, if that was not enough we currently have an immature, pitiful, egotistical PM who showed signs of a debilitating mental incapacity that is called ignorance. Business Insiders reveals that Johnson is a racist, misogyny advocate, tripled by a total lack of respect for others (Bienkov, 2019). These are very strange combinations to possess as human beings


Where did his parents go wrong? Was it too much colonialism propaganda for breakfast or the result of an unkind motherly figure who told him that he was meant to be a failure. The connection […] cannot be dismissed as just coincidence. Childhood trauma may play a role in both Mr Johnson and Mr Cameron but that does not change the fact that they both need to leave the political sphere without any chance to return. No lobbying, no influential connections of any sort, just out !!!


What a shame to witness such amateurism in a sector that needs more diversity, compassion, efficiency and strategising.


What a shame!

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