Veganism is not for me but I understand why it is so appealing.

I was watching the following video ( (Mac, 2021)) and this made me think that I have tried to abide by the vegan diet and lifestyle and I must stay that it is so hard. I did not like the taste of some of the food, although some were tasty.

I could not keep up with the all the requirement of not consuming any type of animal based product and this includes clothes.

I love animals and I do not agree with the way we are destroying their habitat and mistreating them. However, I am also realistically bound to limited finance.

As a BAME and a parent, I feel that it is challenging to adopt a vegan lifestyle because, unlike in other parts of the world such as the Caribbean or Asia, there are not many free fruits and vegetables available to the community where I am based.

Thus, everything is expensive.

Another aspect of veganism that I do not appreciate is the aggressivity toward those who do not agree with Vegan views.
I think that it is unfair to see the non vegan as enemies rather than opening lines of communication in a peaceful manner.

We could focus on feasible solutions together.

These are my thoughts on Veganism.

With Luv,


Mac, T. (2021). Should Black People go Vegan? Vegans, Vegetarians & Carnivores Debate | The Tammi Mac Late Show. [online] YouTube. Available at: [Accessed 25 Feb. 2021].