Time to celebrate.  Yes!!!
Well done to the beautiful Amy who has graduated. 
It is a well deserved moment to celebrate for all the efforts provided although it was not easy. 

Despite the separation with her family, the need to adapt to a new environment as well as the requirement of keeping up with her studies, Amy has graduated. Which is a truly amazing achievement.

Looking after her mental and physical health throughout her 3 years journey at university made it even harder to stay consistent, positive and focused. 

Finally, being a young black woman growing up in a world that may not provide her with the necessary tools to achieve her personal best, Amy has proven that wonderful stories are within reach. 

I must add that I am very proud of Amy because of her intelligence and loving character. Also, I am particularly exited to see young black female gaining an education. Indeed, so many of us, black women are still struggling to be valued, respected and cared for here in the UK and elsewhere. 

This post is for Amy, my black sister whom I love dearly,  Bravo!