I came across a 60 Minutes Australia documentary exploring a story of a couple wanting to have children. 

Inside the corrupted world of commercial surrogacy | 60 Minutes Australia – YouTube (www.youtube.com, n.d.) 

First, I emphasised with the first couple who claimed that they tried everything they could in their country namely New Zealand to find a surrogate mother.

The parents David and Nicky mentioned (at 2:03 min) that “they searched hard for 4 years and did not want to go in a 3rd world country. They wanted well educated women, well looked after women who could have access to top hospitals.”

After finding their dream solution in the form of a specialised surrogate agency ,they had to travel to Mexico because someone warned them about the surrogate mothers not being paid by the agency. Did I mention that they communicated only via the internet with the agency?! 

They blindly trusted the agency which I cannot understand but the main point is that those 2 males needed a vigina to exploit or so it seems to me!

They spent more than AUD 300 000 on medical bills which they did not want to pay. This part of the documentary was awful to watch because I felt that those 2 males were complaining about their situations only with a total disregard for the suffering of the people that they encountered in the process of using and paying for surrogate mothers

Also, I found their attitude very sad to witness because they did not get what they wanted, when they wanted it and used the corruption card in a country which they did not know and did not seem to care about. 

Fortunately, at 16:15 min the documentary explains the difference between altruistic and commercial surrogacy. 

The story of those two female friends helping each other was very refreshing and touching. 

My take on the subject is that I aim to be open minded about it, albeit some people do not have the best intentions when it comes to using surrogacy as a means to an end. 

Finally, this practice does not come without “emotional” stress and can leave all parties involved drained and/or suffering (Flint, 2021). For more information, have a look at the article : The Surrogates: new BBC documentary explores the vulnerable world of surrogacy in the UK (Flint, 2021)



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