The purpose of the podcast project !Visible is to enable those who suffer from Anxiety & Depression to have a platform to be heard, to voice their views and opinions, and help them to come out of their isolation. By letting us tell our own stories it will educate and empower others, help us build confidence in a safe way, help us connect to a larger narrative, and increase the representation available of these misunderstood conditions. Mainstream conversations about anxiety and depression are often not led by those of us who currently have this, and do not consider the intersectional and diverse experiences and challenges that people face.

!Visible can help disabled people to come out of their shells and create a library of audio that can be accessible to all. We will do this by hosting it on a website as well as through audio platforms, and by providing full transcripts of all episodes. In reference to the impact the podcast could have on communities, Frederique stated: “I believe that this project has the potential to create bridges between many community groups such as survivors of domestic abuse which I am involved with and/or the disabled community and other etc… Hence why, I am putting so much energy into creating a well-presented output”. In Frederique is a person who is extremely passionate on the subject of mental health and in the creation of the podcast will strive to help as many people as possible, by opening up this conversation.

The pandemic not being over yet, there are many stories that need to be told and people who will benefit from having access to a safe space to share their lived experienced.


Frederique Lanoix (Host) : 

I am a black woman and particularly want to highlight and explore the diversity of the stories that are told about people experiencing anxiety and depression, and the ways in which our identities and others’ assumptions affect the care we receive and the support we are given in the community and the media.



(Picture – Artist : Khacem Louis Dit Sully)