This post is dedicated to Tamron Hall, a beautiful and inspiring black woman. 

I was in my bed trying to brush the feelings of loneliness away with entertaining videos about relationships and Youtube algorithm created a list of videos for me which I started watching without a care in the world.

There it was, a message of hope. A kind of bright light in a very dark place where only my inner voice was echoing. Or, perhaps it sounded like a welcoming chant made to encourage others to look beyond their fears of loneliness and rejection. Either way, I listened carefully and full heartedly as if I had found a precious piece of art. 

This is what I heard in a poetry form: 

It took many trials to get me to a place where I belong
At some point, it seemed impossible to reach this old dream of mine
I thought it was a lost cause, like an unreadable book from another era 
A distant relative who has been away to an unknown dimension 
unexpectedly, it came back to me with a surprise 
I took it all, I embrace it all and this without any fear
and said : Welcome home dearest! 

Feel free to watch the video here : Tamron Hall on Dating and Moving In With Husband After 3 Weeks | Jemele Hill is Unbothered – YouTube

Thanks for reading, 

Frederique ๐Ÿ˜Š


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Listening to Lord Jamar on VladTV exploring the everlasting nonsense about Dark skin women against light skin females was mind blowing. 

Lord Jamar agreed that white women or light skin young females are preferred by black men and that “it says something psychological about them”(ref.1).  
This type of dating preference is a sort of discrimination and “creates resentment for the ones” who are constantly rejected by black men. Lord Jamar adds that this is the direct consequence of black men’s perception of beauty that has been corrupted (ref.1).


If we further dismantle the psychological patterns that put light skin women on the forefront of black men preference, it is realistic to say that no matter what the white or light skin female brings on the table, financially, on an education level, mentally, spiritually and culturally she still is the prize to go for in the eyes of a black man. 

Therefore , if she (the light skin/ white female) behaves like an uneducated, mean, narcissistic, dishonest, low life human being who will never change her ways, black men are still going to think that light skin women boost their ego. An ego that is craving for acceptance from the white supremacists. 

Dr Joy Degruy says that there is no way to come out of 400 years of slavery without deep emotional and psychological scars that need to be healed for both black men and females (2. Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary: Post Traumatic Slave Disorder, 2016). 

But how can black women accept and forgive those who abused and are still abusing them physically, psychologically and mentally?  

So maybe, just maybe, black women should wake up and love themselves even more than they already do. 

Indeed, black women do not need a black male or any man for that matter to feel good about themselves. 
We do not need Snoop Dogg to tell us that we have to protect our viginas until we meet the “right” person 

( , n.d.). As if Mr. Right can be found at the shop next door !!!


Black females do not need to be in overly sexualised video clips which have a propaganda undertone that dismisses black females ability to love and to be loved (4., n.d.). 

It seems that humanity forgot that Black women were considered as goddesses in Ancient Egypt and had access to political and spiritual powers which included the command of an army. I am not talking about Nefertiti (as many people love her hat and only see this character as a sign of power). I am referring to Hatshepsut who was a Pharaoh who possessed all the political powers on her OWN (5. Tyldesley, J. (2018)!!!   

To get further into inspirational facts, in the indigenous cultures, women were  “builders, warriors, farmers, and craftswomen. Their strength was essential to the survival of the tribes”(, n.d.).

NEVER forget that without a black women there won’t be any black men because we gave birth to you !!! 

This post is not for you, Black men though! But for my sisters who think that there is something wrong with them. 

Be proud!!!

If you want to know more about Hatshepsut have a look at the below documentaries: 

Egypt’s Dark Age: To The Brink Of Annihilation | Immortal Egypt | Odyssey – YouTube (@38 min – Hatshepsut is mentioned) 

Hatshepsut: Secrets of Egypt’s Lost Queen – YouTube ( I found the documentary not as interesting as the first because of the way it has been directed. But there are not so many chronicles done about Hatshepsut on Youtube)  

Finally, a big thank you to Harriet for her well put together video about the subject which you must watch :  Chris Brown and the Men Who Think We’re Ugly (How Black Men Benefit from Colorism) – YouTube) , the same goes for Adella Afadi  Let’s Talk Beauty Standards – YouTube , Lexus Exodus : The Genocide of Black Women w/ @BlackFemicideAmerica – YouTube, Intelexual Media: Black Femicide and Intimate Partner Violence: A History – YouTube, Tee Noir : The Market of Humiliating Black Women – YouTube and Mahogani Pink : The False Promise of Black Love (Part 1) – YouTube




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Picture from :  (bell hooks: Author and feminist dies aged 69, 2021)

I recommend the below videos about Mrs hooks view of the world : 

Speaking Freely: Bell Hooks – YouTube

bell hooks – How Do We Define Feminist Liberation? | Eugene Lang College – YouTube

Mind, Body and Soul – Women of Color Conference Keynote – YouTube

Thanks for reading, 




bell hooks: Author and feminist dies aged 69. (2021). BBC News. [online] 15 Dec. Available at: [Accessed 4 Jan. 2022].




Initially tobacco was sold to people in the “1950’s” as a sign of empowerment, rebellion and independence (the last point being especially relevant for women). There was no understanding of what tobacco could do to your lungs or its insidious and deadly side effects( (n.d.). Fact vs. fake – why donโ€™t we trust science any more?) .

Later on, however, the harmful consequences of this substance were corroborated by science and from the early “1990’s” the tobacco companies hid their awareness of their products pervasiveness to capitalise on them as much as possible. Many people died from being a heavy smoker. This includes the actor Yul Brynner who did a commercial to raise awareness about the danger of cigarettes (, n.d.Yul Brynner post mortem Cancer TV commercial anti-smoking).

It was careless of the tobacco companies to behave as greedy as they did  but the flip side of this story is that it also reveals that without scientific research, improvement cannot be made. 

Hence the importance of not trusting the status quo. Being comfortable in not knowing the causes and effects of a product, for instance tobacco but also  alcohol or sugary and junk food cannot be acceptable. And science concluded that there was a correlation between the consumption of those substances and the development of cancers which can lead to early death. The point is that, there is a need to contribute in increasing the ” numbers of people with […] disabilities [..] involved in research” (Contributor, 2016). 

Because research “findings can inform and improve evidence-based” practices in many sectors from education, nursing, prison services, pharmaceutical, tourism to sport or languages for example(Contributor, 2016).  

We need more inclusion!

Thanks for reading,

Frederique ๐Ÿ‘


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The below is a letter sent to my MP regarding the two important issue faced by the disabled community. 

If you feel affected or you know someone who is affected by those issues, please feel free to send the link to your local MP. 


Dear Mrs Lucas, 

I am contacting you today because I am very worried about the lack of access to 

1. dentist practices : I have not been able to have a decent oral care check up for more than 2 years. Indeed, many of the closest practices are private and DO NOT take any NHS patients. Also, they may not be wheelchair friendly or have free 24/7 emergency services. 
2. an effective prescription service: the new prescription service is not efficient at all. I have to wait more than a month in order to get my prescriptions bearing in mind that these are to be taken daily. 
The disabled community has already suffered so much from the benefits reforms, the NHS lack of funding and the lack of representation in the political sphere. 
I am utterly annoyed by the way in which the Tory government has consistently humiliated and insulted the disabled community. 
When is this going to be discussed at the parliament and how long do we have to suffer so that you (MP’s) start advocating for your constituents ?