My heart goes to Sabina Nessa’s family (Davies, Lyons and Ward, 2021), who must feel betrayed and shocked by the death of their beautiful daughter, sister, cousin and friend. 


It is such a shame to witness such an appalling act of violence. Sabina Nessa was a bright young individual who deserves to be remembered by all as much as Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman whom have been killed “at Fryent Country Park in Wembley on 6 June 2020” (Wembley park stabbings: Danyal Hussein guilty of murdering sisters, 2021). 


To be honest, this goes for everyone who has suffered and who is suffering from abuse. 


I agree that “It should have never […] been normalised that some men kill women”, nonetheless how can’t we empathise on the reality that women are not the only targets of abuse. (HuffPost UK, 2021)


There are some 2.3 million victims of domestic abuse a year aged 16 to 74 (two-thirds of whom are women)” (, 2020) which means that the remaining one third are men and children.


It is not a black and white issue or a woman’s first concern. Indeed, thanks to Dr. Grande’s video about the “Missing White Woman Syndrome” that made me realise that the cases of violence against white women get a lot more scrutiny than the other groups including men and ethnic groups.(, n.d.) 


The bias was so obvious with the Sarah Everard case. A wave of protest and support did intensify the subject of violence against white women in the UK. 


But how about the others? 




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T-shirt from (Sea Shepherd UK Trading Ltd, n.d.)

Where I come from the sea is to be understood, respected and protected. This is exactly what the Sea Shepherds are relentlessly working toward. 

I have been introduced to the organisation through one of their documentary and the latest posted on the 14th Sept 2021 is a chef d’oeuvre. It is available on youtube (11) GRAPHIC IMAGES! Whalers on the Faroe Islands kill 1428 dolphins in a single day! – YouTube (, n.d.)

If you do love your environment and want to keep in touch with what is happening on our oceans you can count on the Sea Shepherds to provide you with the truth. Although, the truth may be painful to watch at time, it is the reality !  No BS just the truth! 

Their website and products are also lovely thus I support the work and ethos of the Sea Shepherds. 



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I am contacting you today because I am very concerned by a couple behaviour who have 2 dogs that are causing nuisance. 
I am living in a block of flat and we have, thankfully, a small patch of grass all around the block. 


However, I have not been able to enjoy being in nature at all because we are surrounded by private houses who do not care about our mental and physical health.


Each of those houses have a private garden and a front yard that includes a parking space. 


Now, getting back to the couple that is causing nuisance. Prior to the pandemic they had one dog. Although, I understand that buying puppies has been a trend with a 104% increase during the lockdown (Pets4Homes,n.d), other people should not have to suffer the consequences of a selfish purchase. 


Before their purchase this couple already displayed some anti-social behaviour by letting the first dog pee and poo in the patch of grass that they do not own or financially contribute to clean. It was done late at night and in a quiet manner. However, with the arrival of the new puppy my anxiety has skyrocketed. 


First, the puppy barks every time they step outside, unleashed. 


Second, they are training it to pee and poop everyday, multiple times a day with a total disregard for others. I even know the dog’s name due to its owners screaming at it.


Third, the barking can be unbearable at times because we are located near a train station which in itself is very noisy and overwhelming. 
I am an animal lover, however, I do not agree with dog owners who can enjoy their private garden without disturbance but yet think that it is ok to let their animals pee and poop in other people’s space. 


Finally, and not least there are children, elderlies and disabled people in the flat block who would love to sit and/or play on the grass. 
Not a grass full of smelly pee and bacteria which can potentially have a detrimental effect on ones’ health. 


We should be able to enjoy a quiet sunny evening with our family in nature without being at risk.   


Frederique 🐾


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IVisible will be at the up coming RISE conference happening all day on Wednesday 29th Sept 2021 at

Friends Meeting House, Ship St, Brighton BN1 1AF (, 2017)

The program is allowing me to provide a speech about my thought on feminism from 7pm until 8 pm.  

I hope you can make it !!! I will be happy to meet you there, face to face. 

See you then,


Reference (2017). Electric Putty. [online] Available at:


Time to celebrate.  Yes!!!
Well done to the beautiful Amy who has graduated. 
It is a well deserved moment to celebrate for all the efforts provided although it was not easy. 

Despite the separation with her family, the need to adapt to a new environment as well as the requirement of keeping up with her studies, Amy has graduated. Which is a truly amazing achievement.

Looking after her mental and physical health throughout her 3 years journey at university made it even harder to stay consistent, positive and focused. 

Finally, being a young black woman growing up in a world that may not provide her with the necessary tools to achieve her personal best, Amy has proven that wonderful stories are within reach. 

I must add that I am very proud of Amy because of her intelligence and loving character. Also, I am particularly exited to see young black female gaining an education. Indeed, so many of us, black women are still struggling to be valued, respected and cared for here in the UK and elsewhere. 

This post is for Amy, my black sister whom I love dearly,  Bravo!







Do you want something new to do? 

Scope’s Active Communities project in Brighton offers free community-led activities, workshops and events. 

These are open to disabled people (with any health condition, disability, impairment or access need) and unpaid carers in Brighton and Hove. 

Starting on Friday 24th September, for 4 weeks, we will be running a series of peer-led weekly arts and crafts workshops on Zoom. They will take place from 1pm until 2pm every Friday until 15th October

The workshops will be a calm place for us to take part in simple craft activities together. We hope that at least one or two activities for the workshops will be accessible for you. The workshops are open to all disabled people and unpaid carers in Brighton and Hove.

You need to sign up on this online form to register your interest, and if eligible you will receive a package of craft materials in the post to use during the sessions. Contact details for any questions are available through the link.”

The Local People projects in Brighton and Hove supported by Scope are funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised by Health Lottery South East.

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