I am contacting you today because I am very concerned by a couple behaviour who have 2 dogs that are causing nuisance. 
I am living in a block of flat and we have, thankfully, a small patch of grass all around the block. 


However, I have not been able to enjoy being in nature at all because we are surrounded by private houses who do not care about our mental and physical health.


Each of those houses have a private garden and a front yard that includes a parking space. 


Now, getting back to the couple that is causing nuisance. Prior to the pandemic they had one dog. Although, I understand that buying puppies has been a trend with a 104% increase during the lockdown (Pets4Homes,n.d), other people should not have to suffer the consequences of a selfish purchase. 


Before their purchase this couple already displayed some anti-social behaviour by letting the first dog pee and poo in the patch of grass that they do not own or financially contribute to clean. It was done late at night and in a quiet manner. However, with the arrival of the new puppy my anxiety has skyrocketed. 


First, the puppy barks every time they step outside, unleashed. 


Second, they are training it to pee and poop everyday, multiple times a day with a total disregard for others. I even know the dog’s name due to its owners screaming at it.


Third, the barking can be unbearable at times because we are located near a train station which in itself is very noisy and overwhelming. 
I am an animal lover, however, I do not agree with dog owners who can enjoy their private garden without disturbance but yet think that it is ok to let their animals pee and poop in other people’s space. 


Finally, and not least there are children, elderlies and disabled people in the flat block who would love to sit and/or play on the grass. 
Not a grass full of smelly pee and bacteria which can potentially have a detrimental effect on ones’ health. 


We should be able to enjoy a quiet sunny evening with our family in nature without being at risk.   


Frederique ?


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