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Disabled people have had so many challenges to overcome in the western world sadly, the identification and acceptance of the differences created by the nature of disabilities have not been evenly integrated world wide. 


For instance, in Benin for example, mental illnesses are either cured by god’s graces (www.youtube.com, n.d.The Chains of Mental Illness in West Africa) or the other solution is to isolate disabled people in areas where they can be tortured. Commonly, being attached to a tree with little to no comfort is seen as conveniently appropriate. 


Also, the belief that demonic entities play a part in the development of illnesses does very little to improve the manner in which disabled people get their diagnosis and treatments. 


Tortures, abuse and neglect are all too common. For example, the lack of education as well as the practice of religious crafts keep Tanzanians in a spiral of crimes against Albinos in which “Witch doctors hunt those suffering from the condition for their body parts, which are used in potions to bring good luck and wealth. Victims can be kidnapped and then dismembered by hired killers, or even sold by unscrupulous family members, with body parts fetching up to $75,000 (£60,000). “(Velton, 2017)


We need to make sure that awareness is raised and STOP the abuse of Albinos and any disabled person for that matter.  

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