Perhaps you might be tired of going to business workshops and not gaining new helpful information. 

Well, I strongly recommend the Business Horizons Events. (Entrepreneurial Spark Events | Eventbrite


“These events are part of the UK Space Agency Accelerator Programme in association with Entrepreneurial Spark and the University of Strathclyde. ” (Entrepreneurial Spark, n.d.)


The last event covered what funding can look like when trading in the Space industry.


Carolyn Abbuckle and Rob from Seraphim gave valuable tips and inputs about the importance of starting with your why, understanding your business model and what you offer to who. 


Finally, looking for funding can be eased by creating a funding road map which requires time and risk investment assessment according to the market dynamic.   


Stay tuned and have a look at their website, you will learn a lot.

Live Stream: The Funding Landscape — Entrepreneurial Spark (


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Entrepreneurial Spark. (n.d.). Live Stream: The Funding Landscape. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 Apr. 2021].